Friday, February 24, 2012

What do you care about?

I came upon a postcard as I walked through London last year that read, “Do I look like a frickin ‘people person’?” I laughed and almost took a photo of the card, but I was too timid to take out my camera.

As I thought about it, I internally acknowledged that I value being a “people person.” Other people – their stories, cultures, struggles and needs – mean a lot to me.

I’ve long felt a moral compulsion to be aware of people on the margins of society. This term might sound demeaning, but it’s meant to identify people who suffer injustice and/or indignity silently, for whatever reason.  

These things are often on my mind.

The theme of caring for the vulnerable runs throughout the Bible. Three classes of people are often cited for special care: aliens, orphans and widows.

Caring for the “weak” is the theme of Psalm 41. It appears that active caring is a requirement for a healthy relationship with God.

A couple of blogs I recently came upon are certainly on my mind - and bring up something that I care about. These are high school students who are dealing with real issues. I care about the kids who write these blogs. I care about kids who are able to share their lives, struggles, hopes, dreams, fears and needs. Here are links to two of the blogs:
StandingUpSpeakingNow and BradRobertBen.

I continue to be inspired by the work of Hudson Taylor and Athlete Ally.

I know that some readers will struggle with these blogs. Yet, these kids are dealing with real life issues. That matters. Thus, I care about them and their lives.

I think that I'll journal on what I care about during Lent this year. Please feel free to let me know what you care about.

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