Sunday, July 24, 2011

Digital generations

I had dinner with 7 of my former students last night. I mentioned G+ at one point and, while they'd heard something about it, they looked puzzled as to "why?" Each said that they weren't signing on. They were a diverse group in terms of where they are in college - attending: UC Berkeley, Wash U in St. Louis, U of Washington, Claremont McKenna, U of San Diego and Arizona State.

To them, a new platform seemed like an unnecessary complication.

I think that older people on Facebook - the grandmothers who share photos of their grandchildren with each other - may feel the same way as the 21-year-olds I had dinner with last night.

I'm curious to see how this will play out among different digital generations.

Friday, July 22, 2011

G+ or Facebook?

I think that G+ has extraordinary potential, once some user interface kinks are worked out and more people sign on. I already spend more time on G+ than on Facebook - but I use the platforms in different ways. For me, G+ is like reading high level micro blogs that I find interesting, often from people I've never met, but I "follow" because of their connection to people I do know.

The "huddle" feature on G+ mobile app sparks particular excitement because it would be so useful in trying to gather a group - say at a conference when it's time to meet up for drinks or dinner.

I look forward to see this play out. For now, G+ has my affections.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Google Goggles

Google Plus for iPhone

The G+ app is in the iTunes store, but it doesn't (yet) show up in search. However, Lifehacker posted a link to the app on iTunes.  Google Plus app for iPhone at iTunes.

Is that still good?

I suspect that knowing how long fresh food will be good is guesswork for most of us. It is for me.

This morning I found a head of cabbage that I hadn't used in the week since I bought it. It looked crisp, but I wasn't sure. That led me to do an Internet search and I found this guide on food storage and shelf life that covered my cabbage question and much more.

A friend shared this link to me as well, Still Tasty.

New Online Wanderer

A friend posted a link about a new online show on KCET, SoCal Wanderer. It looks like a blog with video clips that highlights outdoor adventures in and around Los Angeles.

Here's the link to the article from KCET.


I did purchase the trip - well, an altered version of the original trip with a bit more finesse,

I met a former student for coffee who told me about his recent whirlwind trip through Europe - pretty much all of it. He strongly encouraged me to add Prague to my itinerary, which I was able to do since I hadn't finalized with the airline.

Splitting the trip equally between Paris and Prague adds more interest, to me. And, since I'm allowed one stop over in the itinerary, adding Paris as a stop over cost no extra miles for this trip. I'm fortunate that Air France is the partner carrier with my airline. The natural route is Los Angeles - Paris - Prague  - Paris - Los Angeles. The only add on was additional taxes of about $54.

What's the lesson now? Perhaps there's not a simple take away. I'm glad that I acted. I'm also glad that I waited long enough to be able to have a creative option that is more satisfying and interesting than my original plan.


Monday, July 18, 2011

Not my gift

Spontaneity is not my gift,

I like options, so making a decision takes away options, because I've decided on a path. However, in keeping options open, I miss opportunities.

This sounds like a no-brainer when I put it in writing: loosen up and take some risks. I wish it were that easy.

I did, however, do two and a half spontaneous things yesterday and I didn't wake up today feeling like my life is a disaster.

One: I joined the Bowers Museum. I bought and online membership and visited the museum with a friend yesterday afternoon.

Two: I signed up for an online writing course with Gotham Writing Workshop. I'll begin a six-week course starting next Tuesday.

One-half: I have a reservation on hold to go to Paris next month using frequent flyer miles. I was able to get a reservation on non-stop flights at a reasonable mileage rate. I'll also be able to add on a hotel room, using points, just steps from Arc de Triomphe and the Champs-Élysées.

This is where the rub is: I haven't made the commitment to take the trip. I have the time, the cost for the flight and hotel will come to $140.00 and points. A more spontaneous person wouldn't have hesitated.

What's the point of this post? Perhaps I'm making a public statement about how small risks loom large when a person (that would be me) is overly cautious. Of course I'll commit to taking this trip. I'll enjoy my week in Paris and everything will go smoothly. Another outcome, hopefully, is that I'll build more trust in the value that spontaneity adds to life.

Saturday, July 9, 2011


I got a chuckle out of the legal language on this sign in Dana Point Harbor.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Walking Ro

I've been walking. A lot.

Finally, I'm taking advantage of the fire roads in my community. I'm taking long walks. Yesterday, after I got home, I had the feeling I used to have back in the day when I did long runs. I enjoyed that.